FinTech Thought Leaders Webinar Series
10 Jun 2020

● Speaker:


Michel Rauchs 

Former Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Lead, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, University of Cambridge
Research Affiliate, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, University of Cambridge
Founder and Managing Director, Paradigma

● Panelist:


Areiel Wolanow 

Former ASEAN Blockchain Services Leader, Global Cognitive Banking Leader, IBM Global Business Services
Chief Technology Officer, Blok Solutions


Pawee Jenweeranon 

Research affiliate, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
Legal officer, National Anti-Corruption Commission

● Moderator:

Dr. Hung-Yi Chen

Assistant Professor and Academic Director,Master of Finance (FinTech) Program at Zhejiang University International Business School
Program Director of FinTech Thought Leaders Webinar Series

Jie Hu

Bilingual TV Presenter at Zhejiang TV station

● Synopsis:

Theme:Facebook’s Libra Project: Past, Present, and Future 


When Facebook announced the Libra project in mid-2019, the world was taken by surprise: a consortium of private organisations was setting out to issue a new, digital currency running on a blockchain-based financial market infrastructure. It did not take long for the world to react, though: after massive political and regulatory backlash, the Libra Association presented a substantially revised white paper in April 2020. This talk will explore the differences between the two proposals and analyse the impact of a potential launch on the international financial system and the payments landscape.

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