FinTech Thought Leaders Webinar Series
01 Jul 2020

● Speaker:


Paul Musoke

Director, Financial Institutions, FSD Africa

● Panelist:



Krish Chetty

Chief Researcher, Human Sciences Research Council


Joseph Lee

Senior Lecturer, School of Law, University of Exeter


Pawee Jenweeranon

Research affiliate, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
Legal officer, National Anti-Corruption Commission

● Moderator:

Dr. Hung-Yi Chen

Assistant Professor and Academic Director,Master of Finance (FinTech) Program at Zhejiang University International Business School
Program Director of FinTech Thought Leaders Webinar Series

Jie Hu

Bilingual TV Presenter at Zhejiang TV station

● Synopsis:

Theme:Mobile Money in Africa – Its genesis, growth and Impact


Mobile money has seemingly become part of ordinary life in Africa. According to statistics, as of the end of 2017, the number of mobile payment accounts in sub-Saharan Africa has reached 338 million, which indicates its popularity. The advent of the mobile payment era has transformed daily life for many Africans. In March 2007, M-PESA was launched in Kenya. After more than ten years of development, its number of users has exceeded 30 million, and it has expanded from Kenya, in the East African region, to more than ten countries worldwide such as Egypt, India and Romania. Our guest speaker will share the origin, development and influence of mobile payment in Africa.

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