FinTech Thought Leaders Webinar Series
17 Jun 2020

● Speaker:


Simona Mola

Senior Economist, Cornerstone Research
Former Assistant Director, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

● Panelist:



David Donald

Professor, CUHK Faculty of Law and Executive Director of Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development


Naoyuki Iwashita

Professor, Kyoto University
Former Director, FinTech Research Center, Bank of Japan

● Moderator:

Dr. Hung-Yi Chen

Assistant Professor and Academic Director,Master of Finance (FinTech) Program at Zhejiang University International Business School
Program Director of FinTech Thought Leaders Webinar Series

Jie Hu

Bilingual TV Presenter at Zhejiang TV station

● Synopsis:

Theme:SEC Enforcement Activity on Cryptocurrencies in the time of Covid-19


In this presentation, Simona Mola will offer a comprehensive overview of the SEC enforcement activity in the last 7 years with particular focus on the last months of the Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, the presentation will cover the enforcement activity related to initial coin offerings (ICOs) and discuss the alternative mechanics to issue an ICO in compliance with securities laws. Finally, while a lot of the media attention is devoted to the SEC’s approach toward ICOs, the presentation will touch on other challenging issues, such as broker-dealer custody issues, Bitcoin ETFs, and stablecoins.

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