FinTech Thought Leaders Webinar Series
04 Jun 2020

● Speaker:


Naoyuki Yoshino 

Professor Emeritus of Keio University, in Tokyo, Japan                                                                  Director of Financial Research Center at FSA Institute, Financial Services Agency of Government of Japan
Visiting Professor GRIPS
Former Dean&CEO of Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) 

● Panelist:


Herbert Poenisch

Former senior economist, Bank for International Settlements
Academic Committee Member,Zhejiang University
Senior Research Fellow Global FinTech Lab, Academy of Internet Finance Zhejiang university

Jaya Josie

Visiting Professor, Zhejiang University International Business School
Head of the HSRC BRICS Research Center

● Moderator:

Dr. Hung-Yi Chen

Assistant Professor and Academic Director,Master of Finance (FinTech) Program at Zhejiang University International Business School
Program Director of FinTech Thought Leaders Webinar Series

Jie Hu

Bilingual TV Presenter at Zhejiang TV station

● Synopsis:

Theme:The Development of FinTech and Financial Education


In recent years, the development of financial technology has been in full swing, which has greatly influenced financial institutions, companies in the technological sector, as well as personnel training. Financial institutions have begun to attach great importance to the application of technology in their industry, and have gradually begun using big data, cloud computing, and new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. The development of the modern financial industry puts forward higher requirements for financial-related talents, as well as new requirements in the fields of discipline and faculty construction, and school-enterprise cooperation. This lecture will discuss the impact of financial technology on daily life and education, explore future trends of financial technology, and provide suggestions for the healthy development of this burgeoning field.

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