14 Nov 2019

● Speaker:

Dr.Jaya Josie

Professor Josie is the former Senior Research Manager of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and was the head of BRICS Research Centre, South Africa. He is an economist in development economic policy research in public finance, fiscal policy, trade and investment, intergovernmental fiscal relations and infrastructure finance targeting sustainable development, inequality, unemployment, and poverty. He led the HSRC South African BRICS Think Tank (SABTT) team that prepared the BRICS Think Tank Council’s (BTTC) recommendation, “Towards a Long-Term Strategy for BRICS”, that was endorsed by the Sixth BRICS Heads of State Summit in Fortaleza Brazil in July 2014. He was a lecturer in the Department of Economics and the School of Government at the University of the Western Cape; the first coordinator of the Macroeconomic Research Group (MERG) in South Africa, and the first Director of the National Institute of Economic Policy (NIEP) of South Africa.

● Synopsis:

● ThemeBanking on Africa-Fintech Landscape in Southern and Eastern Africa


     Details:To better understand the underlying banking context of Southern and Eastern Africa, Zhejiang University’s Academy for Internet Finance (AIF) partnered with HSRC and BRICS Research Center to review the situation of Internet Finance in Africa and China. The research findings will help business leaders to better develop strategies to promote financial inclusion via financial technologies, serving those who don’t readily have access to financial institutions and products. 



● In this webinar you will learn: 


    ● Unique characteristics of the financial sectors in Southern and Eastern Africa and China.

    ● Strategies to promote China/Africa partnerships in internet finance.

    ● How to overcome obstacles to technology access and utilization.

    ● Learn more about how China/Africa’s partnership in internet finance is reshaping the new economic era. Register now to save your spot.



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