30 Oct 2019

● Speaker:

Dr. Ben Shenglin

Dr. Ben Shenglin is Professor & Dean, School of Management at Zhejiang University,Zhejiang University International Business School and Zhejiang University Academy of Internet Finance, He is also Director of the International Monetary Institute, Renmin University of China. Before his academic career since 2014, Dr. Ben held senior positions with leading global financial institutions. Dr. Ben is a well-trusted advisor to both the public and private sector.

● Synopsis:

● Payment and Fintech Innovation in China


    Details:Starting from China’s economic trajectory in the past 70 years, Dr.Ben will discuss China’s financial development and internationalization process. He will further analyze on China’s Fintech advancement and how it has been taking over the rest of the world, as well as its opportunities and challenges in the coming years.



● In this webinar you will learn:


    ● How will China leapfrog the west?

    ● What are the major global fintech hubs in the world? 

    ● Ant Financial Global strategy.

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