29 Nov 2019

● Speaker:

Dr. Tatjana Kobb

Dr. Tatjana Kobb is a medical doctor and teaches global health and sustainable development at Northeastern University in Boston. She has been mentoring youth, coaching executives and advising corporate clients and academic institutions in practices aligned with the UN SDGs working to deliver the seemingly undeliverable. She had worked with United Nations including UNICEF and UNHCR at her career start and had finished the New York City Marathon in 2015 for UNICEF too. She recognizes the unseen potentials and capacities by others and in others. She strives to build partnerships and empower communities that go beyond the guidance of individuals toward reaching their unlocked potentials. Being committed to stretching the boundaries in understanding how the possibilities are available for all Dr. Kobb emphasizes that we are never limited by our struggles.

● Synopsis:

● Theme:Purpose Driven by SDGs- Good business better future


       Details:Can we end hunger and poverty, halt climate change and achieve gender equality in the next 10 years? In this webinar series Dr.Kobb will Be Explaining each of the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) and why they matter to business leaders, our aim is to help business leaders understand the challenges that each goal is seeking to address; the ways in which each goal is relevant to business; and how business leaders can take action to mitigate the risks and grasp the opportunities that each goal presents. We bring this to life with practical examples and explore how to identify and prioritize the SDGs that are important in business. We recognize trying to tackle all 17 goals will be impossible for most businesses but agreeing where to start can be the hardest decision of all!



● In this webinar you will learn: 


      ● What are the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)?

      ● Why do the SDG Matters to business leaders?

      ● What is the business case for helping achieve the SDGs?

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