13 May 2020

● Speaker:

Dr.Ben Shenglin

Dean of Zhejiang University International Business School, Professor of Zhejiang University Management School and Dean of Academy of Internet Finance.
He is also Director of International Monetary Institute, Renmin University of China. Before his academic career since 2014, Dr. Ben held senior positions with leading global financial institutions. Dr. Ben is a well-trusted advisor to both the public and private sector.



Jens Weidner

China CFO of Perlon, the world’s leading producer of monofilaments for technical applications, with production facilities in China, Germany, and USA. Prior to joining Perlon, Jens was an entrepreneurial engineer who founded Jiakina Sport, a sport e-commerce startup in direct sportswear sales, and an executive director at Weide Construction Equipment, a German enterprise in China which develops, manufactures and markets equipment and components for the construction industry. Jens holds MBA and EMBA degrees from Tongji University and Mannheim Business School, and a Business Engineering Economics degree from the University of Applied Science Aschaffenburg.



Charles Bark

Founder & CEO of HiNounou, an AI-Blockchain preventative digital healthcare platform company on a mission to help empower the silver generation to Live Longer, Healthier and Happier, at home, and bring greater Peace of Mind to their families. Charles is a serial Entrepreneur, in January 2018, he was named, by French President Emmanuel Macron, as one of the top 3 French entrepreneurs in AI. He graduates from University of Oxford, UTC, HEC Paris.

● Moderator:

Dr. Tim Silk

Senior Instructor, Marketing and Behavioural Science Division; Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group at UBC Sauder School of Business. Tim is an award-winning teacher and researcher and has served as an advisor on consumer behavior, brand strategy, disruptive innovation, product development, and pricing to organizations such as Best Buy, McKesson, Miller Brewing, and Visa.

● Synopsis:

Theme:Recovery Strategies: Lessons learned from Chinese business leaders for our near future – how to re-start businesses and how does the new normal look?


We know that life after COVID-19 will be different; drastically so in some ways. We may not know the details, and we can’t foresee the future. But life will go on after COVID-19, and our businesses will adapt and, we all hope, prosper.


Chinese business leaders are ahead of us as they started to deal with restarting their businesses and economy over the last 2 weeks. Supply chains have been disrupted, resources have to be re-allocated, operations are transformed, and consumer behavior changed. In this 30 minute virtual roundtable, we will hear from several business leaders on their experience from China in the restart period, and how we can better prepare ourselves in planning for the near future, when Canada is ready to re-open our businesses again.


Topics may include:

  • Recovery strategies. Do you just turn on the switch? How did you manage inventory and backlog? Did your client base change when you re-opened?
  • Motivating and leading people. How do you deal with the logistics of social distancing and gaps in supply chain? Should you restructure, or downsize? Did you have any strategies for keeping your people focused and productive?
  • Remote working. Was this a good thing? Did it have any impact on teams and organizations?
  • Business opportunities. Did COVID-19 open new opportunities for business, partnership, suppliers?
  • Competition. Did COVID-19 alter your competitive landscape?
  • Pivoting: product and markets. What made some organizations better at switching product/service? Will this agility be sustained? Can you plan and structure for this?
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